There are people who find it difficult to sleep all night. This case could fall into the category of a sleep disorder called insomnia. In addition, there are people who fall asleep easily and then all of a sudden, they would find themselves lying wide awake in the middle of the night.

Middle Insomnia

The stage of waking up in the middle of the night is called ‘Middle Insomnia’ and it is quite normal, occurring among the people who live a very busy and a stressful life. However, if this action of waking up in the middle of the night prolongs for more nights within a week, it then becomes important to consult the medical expert. A research says that this short-term sleep problem affects only 30% of people and only once in a lifetime.

Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia

The people, who fall into the category of ‘Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia’, face the difficulty of maintaining sleep for a long duration of time, say a minimum of more than three months.

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Sleep goes in cycles throughout the night. It cannot stay in the same state all the night. It moves from deeper to slower wave sleep and then to the lighter sleep.

There could be other reasons for going sleepless all night. It could be due to some temporary health disorders like indigestion or some serious conditions like psychiatric conditions. Going sleepless all night could also be due to excessive daytime sleepiness.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea could be yet another reason for repeated awakenings. Sleep Apnea is a never-ending form that disturbs your sleep. It is an ordinary disorder in which you have one or more suspension in breathing, or you engage yourself in shallow breaths while you sleep. An individual diagnosed with this disorder usually finds it difficult to breathe due to the low level of oxygen in the blood and as a result of which lacks sleep.

Age – getting old

The age factor has a great impact on the sleeping pattern. The duration of sleep is more in infants. As they grow, the duration of sleep reduces and becomes a normal eight hours of sleep. The elderly may require up to eight hours, but they may struggle to obtain those hours in one block. Many older patient’s turn to melatonin. They find that these melatonin tablets help restore their melatonin køb levels.

Small changes in the lifestyle could help a lot in rectifying these sleeping disorders. Making few things a habit and avoiding few substances like alcohol would help for a positive change. Even ‘Cognitive Behavioral Technique’ has helped in reducing the number of sleep disorders.