How This Amazing Double Act Will Send Your Box Office Sales Through The Roof!

Rodgers & Hammerstein…Morecambe & Wise…Laurel & Hardy…Abbott & Costello…Tom & Jerry…

I could be here all day couldn’t I?

I didn’t mention Sam & Dave or Penn & Teller either…

Seriously though, I think you will agree all these famous double acts have two things in common:

If you separated them, either half would probably do quite well on their own as a solo act, but it would be weird, and just plain wrong, frankly. Eric Morecambe? Jerry? Mr Teller without Mr Penn?

Each character in those famous double acts is different, often very different.

But when you bring them both together…WOW!

Together they become the sum of their parts, they bring their own unique skills and traits to the show, but they combine to create a unique and awesome double act, which is why we gladly hand over our cash to see them do their thing!

Copywriting - It's a Double Act

And so it is with our own literary duo. Copy & Content.

People often mix them up, mistake one for the other and generally accept them as one and the same. Words.

Which is exactly what they are of course, but, like those famous double acts, our two heroes have their own traits and characters too, they each bring something different to the mix, making it an irresistible (marketing) combination.

I often think of them as brothers, each contributing to ‘the cause’ in their own style.

Let’s start with content shall we?

Content is what I would usually refer to as ‘non-salesy’. Content, at least in my humble opinion, is there to inform, to educate and maybe even entertain!
It is deliberately not salesy, well not overtly anyway. Yet if it’s written well, it is very effective and subtly influential.

That’s the thing with well-written SEO content you see, it is subtle.

In any sales situation the role of the sales person is to give the potential client enough information to make an informed buying decision. If you’re an IFA this need becomes almost evangelical doesn’t it?

Plato really was prescient when he uttered those immortal words about necessity being the mother of invention!

Every IFA needs to place complete emphasis on providing enough information and advice for their client to make an informed (buying) decision, and that needs to be imparted in an almost ‘neutral’ way.

I’ll come back to the invention part in a moment, but the ‘content’ that is displayed on your website for example, needs to be written in almost neutral terms. You can be influential but you should be coming across as Yoda himself, knowing and wise, helpful and informative, almost impartial…
And it goes without saying – trustworthy.

Trust is the backbone of any business, as we all know, without it you have no hope in hell of building a long, sustainable and profitable relationship with your clients.

When you’re advising people about money matters, about managing their money to help them enjoy a long, healthy and financially comfortable life, then it is imperative.

Valuable, well-informed nuggets of information – content – will help your client(s) get a feel for who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Copy meanwhile…

Well copy – in my book at least – is there to achieve one of two things:

Sell the damn thing or…

Generate a qualified lead…

If you sign up for my e-zine, you can read a full-blown piece on why direct response real estate advertising is the only advertising you should be investing in, but for now let’s keep it simple eh?

Copy is the yin to content’s yang.

Text or copy is overt, sometimes it can be bold, it doesn’t have to be brash, but it is overt, and clever.

Copy knows what it needs to do. It knows one crucial thing about us humans;

We buy with emotion and justify with logic.

Copy uses this fact, along with an arsenal of other devices and years of direct selling experience to get an order or bring in a well-qualified lead.
And this is where the second half of Plato’s quote comes into play…


If copy is to succeed and achieve either of those two objectives, then it must be inventive. It must use its knowledge of basic human psychology, writing and direct selling techniques to come up with words that will cajole, persuade and influence your potential and existing clients to pick up the phone, click or on a website or return a pre-paid envelope.

The other half of the act – content – has already done its bit, content is the warm up man. The straight guy…now copy is here to deliver the punch line!

Copy is Eric Morecambe to content’s Ernie Wise!

But Eric’s punch line or coup d’etat wouldn’t nearly be so funny without Ernie’s set up would it?

So…if you really want to find out how to get your yin and yang in perfect harmony and bring in your ideal potential client(s) any time you like.

Go on and hire me for your copywriting.


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