How often have you thought of expressing yourself in a way that looks unconventional?

Have you tried something that does not fit the “normal”?

Do you aspire to be a fashionista who will rock the stage with her simplistic styles?

Now, now! Do not get clouded with so many questions. These all have a reason to be here. Stylizing yourself with an accessory to make a notable statement and that too with your pashmina might pose as a challenge!

These babies are trendy and versatile. You can mould them and wrap them around in any way you like. Moreover, as they go with multifarious outfit ranges like mini or skater dresses, you do have a wrap story to unfurl this year!

Wrapping it up – green pashmina and more…

green pashminaSay, your wardrobe has a pashmina, which you have fantasised to wear in different style many times. But, afraid of making a fashion blunder you just have shimmied away from this endeavour. Therefore, read on to gain a bit of confidence and get set to be a style setter.

  • Yellow dresses

Light shade lover? Then, get your Warehouse square neck sundress in yellow and combine it with any green shawl. Sunny colours are bright and vibrant, and the evergreen paring of green with yellow makes a very delectable style quotient.

A great partner for a lime shaded pashmina is the Vintage Polka Dot Skater Dress. You can surely try this combination today and see the ogling faces of many aspiring fashionistas!

  • Orange outfits

Care to be daring? Get your orange shaded ASOS DESIGN smock dress now and blend it with a gorgeously light toned wrap. The sheer contrast dynamic between orange and lime green brings out a raw beauty which you have hidden for long. Make it a point to acquire the pashmina so that your chic dress can have its right pairing partner.

  • Blue anyone?

Cobalt or sky? Blue is such a desirable colour which if light or dark does not back down at all. Intense tones of blue imbued on a Lasula wrap over mini dress, complements your green pashmina pretty well. You can also have a belt tied around your petite waist and make a more fitting outlook!

Having a pashmina this year in your wardrobe will be a pretty good investment! The colour green as serene as it is in its fundamental nature is also an intensely natural colour that bespeaks tranquility and calmness.

It has its sheer cadence in its soothing tenure and therefore can be imbibed organically in pashminas. A green pashmina can be wrapped, tied or draped in any casual style you favour. Portraying a fashion statement with such add-ons can change your entire style game this 2020!