Last week I posted an article about the stunning amount of choice nutraceutical companies have when marketing to consumers.

They can represent themselves almost any way they wish, as long as they’re compliant with regulations. As a result, they get to set their price, earn handsome margins, and generally control their own destiny.

By contrast, contract manufacturers and suppliers of raw nutraceutical ingredients get boxed into commodity categories. You often have to compete on price, lab results, and maybe service/reliability if you’re lucky.

Differentiation for your Company

Today we’re going to look at one possible solution to this challenge.

First, decide who your best clients are–past, present, or even future (those you would like to have as clients). Then ask yourself this challenging question:

What specific problem do most of these dream clients probably have, that I can solve for them?

You don’t need to knock yourself out over this. It can be an issue they don’t realize they have. It can be obvious.

Next comes the fun part. You produce a detailed report on how to solve the problem. You can call it a “white paper” if that seems appropriate. Your report must be packed with genuinely useful information, and not a mere advertisement. But it will sell your company in subtle ways. Here’s how.

First of all, you should aggressively promote your report on your website. Praise it to high heaven. Make every visitor feel like they’re operating at a severe handicap if they’re not applying the information contained in your report. Then give it away free.

Whenever someone downloads the report, a subtle communication takes place. They are telling you that they have a concern or interest in the problem you’ve addressed. You’ve just shown them that you are an expert at solving this problem.

This gives you an advantage out of thin air. Maybe anyone can solve this problem. But you’re the one who has offered to do it. You’ve instantly differentiated your company, and when this prospect hears your name again, they’ll remember you.

Next, you follow up with all responders, just as you would with any prospect. The big difference is that you’ve prequalified them and started a relationship–while hardly even lifting a finger.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you requested one of my reports at some point. See? It works!

Your report can also be the basis of a press release or a publicity campaign. This can multiply your results even more, and also have a “branding” effect by giving your company more exposure.

Once you’ve got this system in place, it’s almost automatic. All you need to do is contact the qualified leads that come in. But there’s more.

If you really want to get great results, feed the system. There are some simple tactics that will bring traffic to your website and increase the number of users who download your report.

Send me an email if you’d like to hear more about how to do this.


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