Often pets, and more so large dogs, have trouble in falling asleep night after night. On the other hand, many dogs wake up in the middle of the night and lay awake for hours with feelings of anxiety.

For those canines who experience such phenomena, it is indeed a frustrating situation. If it happens for a few nights and then things return to normal, then there is no concern. However, if it occurs every night and becomes a repetitive problem for weeks or months at a time then there is cause for concern.

Anxious dog and not sleeping

Such type of sleep disorder, commonly known as “insomnia”, can have dire repercussions on day-to-day life functioning. To treat insomnia, many dog owners consider taking hemp oil for dogs. However, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian in order to dwell on the root cause of insomnia before self-prescribing hemp oil.

Underlying medical conditions

The most common causes of anxiousness and insomnia include certain underlying medical conditions, unhealthy sleeping habits, depression or stress. While hemp oil provide a quick fix solution to treat insomnia and help get a good night’s rest, such oils can never remove insomnia from the root as it falls to address the underlying cause of insomnia. To overcome insomnia completely an overall pet lifestyle change is necessary.

These type of pet medications offer the best results within a short time span, and are highly beneficial and come at a cost effective price.

Available online

Hemp oil is available nationwide and is also offered by some leading online retailers. These retailers offer a secure payment gateway and a quick delivery service.

Online retailers dealing in these types of products treat the purchase with discretion. Not only do they provide a safe and reliable way to get access to quality hemp oils for relieving insomnia symptoms. They all also provides all the necessary information concerning the medications one wishes to purchase. These websites also deliver the discreetly packed medicines to any specified address.

Another advantage of shopping for hemp oil online is that online stores offer a wide range of brands.  No one brand can be best suited for all dogs or pets. As we mentioned earlier in this post is advisable to discuss your dogs anxiousness and sleep issues with a veterinarian. Your vet will be able to recommend which type of brand and dosage is best suited for their treatment.


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