Regardless if you are a blogger or an SEO optimizer of a website or a Amazon marketplace business, you need to have higher exposure rate in order to optimize your website. Creating SEO blog content can be one of the best ways to get higher income and larger amount of visitors. It is hard to become a good SEO copywriter especially if you don’t know the dos and don’ts in that might harm your website. There are lots of ways to avoid mistakes but first you need to find out what information you need to put on a website so it will not be banned from the search engines. Learning how to prevent common mistakes will be helpful to you in the long run. There are lots of amazon seo services mistakes you might not be aware of here are some of the worst blog SEO mistakes you should avoid.

Flash and other scripts are not helpful anymore

They just tend to become an eyesore to your viewers. A lot of beginners in SEO make mistakes by using so many flash pages and java scripts. When search engines don’t see much information on your site, it will not be interested in putting index on it so your site will be slow running and your audiences will find it boring because of the slow page loading time.

Robots.txt file

Forgetting to use a robots.txt file can also be a mistake for search engine optimisation. This is also important because helps you get full control over the data indexed done by search engines.

But you should also know when is the perfect time to use it – since it also protects your pages from being indexed by search engines – if need be.

Keyword stuffing

Too many keywords can be messy at times. Key-wording is method done by Amazon bloggers to get high rankings but there are times when it may be overdone. Over using keywords will make search engines to decrease your page ranking. Google considers your page as overabundance of keywords – this is known as ‘keyword stuffing’. This will result in lower ranking and your audiences will find your articles of little value and boring.

Plagiarism is a big cyber-crime

Stealing content from others just to make the task easier is such a worst case.

Plagiarism is a big cyber-crime that is very rampant these days because of the popularity of blogging.

When the search engines find out that your content is just the same as content on the web, your page will be categorized as inappropriate for ranking, and your efforts will just be wasted.

White hat SEO guidelines

Disregarding white hat SEO guidelines shouldn’t be followed. Your popularity and your income will also depend on how you follow the search engine guidelines.

You need to always remember that they are the ones who categorize and check your page.

If it is conducive for the masses or not, failure to follow them will simply result in inappropriate page and all your efforts will be wasted.

A comfortable career

Being a Amazon or website SEO  copywriter is such a comfortable career because you get to work from home. You also earn enough amounts for daily living. Firstly, you need to exert an effort in learning more about SEO blogging and all the guidelines you should follow.


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